• Cities Towards Zero Carbon. Faster.



    The 1st Climate Mitigation as a Service (CMaaS) Solution:


    Measure your CO2 emissions

    Target the most efficient low carbon projects

    Give them access to climate finance

  • I am a Mayor: What does Zero Carbon mean for my city?

    Let's take a 1 million-inhabitant city aiming at carbon neutrality in 2050.

    What shall I achieve per year?

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    +10 000 dwellings deeply retrofitted

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    +3 000 dwellings using 100% renewable energy

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    15 000 new users of public transportation, 24 new electric buses

  • How do I Reach my Targets?

    The step to Zero Carbon is high, and Mayors face several barriers to scale up climate actions.

    Media coverage on climate is driven by crisis outbreaks instead of highlighting local efforts

    Existing CO2 data are focused on reporting, instead of driving action

    Urban projects struggle to access enough financing to scale up

  • Our Vision

    Zero Carbon. Positive Stories.


    Stop the controversies. Talk about climate outside of crisis

    Knock on the right doors

    Reward positive actions

  • Our Solution

    We measure CO2 emissions, map low carbon opportunities

    and ease access to climate finance

  • Climate Mitigation as a Service

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    Get a real time, science based CO2 index for your city in order to engage your local stakeholders

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    Obtain a dynamic mapping of the CO2 emissions of your territory & identify the most efficient low carbon actions

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    Help your local stakeholders access climate finance for their low carbon actions

  • Measure

    We give you high accuracy, real time CO2 data to engage citizens about your climate goals.

    You can build your own positive narrative on climate through regular communication.

    CO2 sensors in Paris illustrating Suez Origins technology

    Measuring CO2 emissions at city scale through ground sensors, a cutting edge technology validated with world class partners

  • Trigger

    We identify the most efficient low carbon actions in your city to help you knock on the right door.

    You industrialize the way you address local stakeholders & lower the cost of activating projects.

    Building detailed, relevant CO2 maps of your city through bottom up data mining

  • Finance

    We give you the tools to help local low carbon projects access climate finance.

    You can reward positive actions of your local resident.

  • Applications Across Sectors

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    Accelerating your transition towards Zero Carbon

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    Companies & Local Stakeholders

    Compensating your CO2 emissions locally

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    Banks & Development Banks

    Opening the result based finance market

    Bundling diffuse low carbon projects

    International Organization Icon - Suez Origins

    International Organizations Foundations

    Science based, comparable monitoring of CO2 emissions across cities

  • They support us

    We are a start-up project of SUEZ Consulting, 1st intrapreneurship project of SUEZ.

    C-MaaS is the accelerator project to help scale Origins.earth. It is funded by EIT Climate-KIC.

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